Parking Garage – North Bay



Exit – North Bay


Solargraphy – North Bay – Ontario

Solargraphy - North Bay - Ontario

Solargraphy over Lake Nipissing in North Bay, Ontario.  The exposure was from December 2104 to June 2015.

Worthington St. East – North Bay – Ontario

Worthington St. East - North Bay - Ontario

On the right side is the North Bay Public Library.

Path – North Bay – Ontario

Path - North Bay - Ontario

The path to the pedestrian underpass, looking towards the Discovery North Bay Museum in North Bay, Ontario.

Alley – North Bay – Ontario

Alley - North Bay - Ontario

The small alley next to the Capitol Centre in downtown, North Bay.

Blue Wall – North Bay – Ontario

Blue Wall - North Bay - Ontario

I liked the details on this blue wall of an Oak Street business.