I’m an amateur photographer living in North Bay, Ontario.  Photography is still just a hobby but it keeps me busy when I’m not at my day job.  I’ve begun to devote more and more of my spare time to capturing and interpreting scenes I find interesting.  I’m still just learning and practicing but that’s all part of the fun.   Hopefully, my skills will develop at a faster pace by maintaining this photo blog.


9 Comments on “About

  1. Fantastic photos Steph. Glad you made it to Iceland. I am so jealous. I wish I had the money to go this year.

  2. Steph you need a photo of yourself in your “About” Page just like on the inside jacket of a hardcover novel.

  3. Stephen
    I really enjoyed your photography of the lake and was wondering if I could use some of the images for a profile section in Time on the Water. Of course I will mark them with credits and link to your site.

  4. Lots of brilliant photos here. You are definitely on an absolute professional level.

    Best regards from Munich


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