Farm – Iceland



Eau Claire – Ontario

Shadows on Forest Floor - Eau Claire Gorge

The are a few more photos made with the Canon G11.  It was very nice to carry one compact camera around on the trail than a bag full of gear and a tripod although it does have limitations and doesn’t compare to a DSLR.  For everyday use and for places that either don’t allow DLSRs or times where a minimal amount of things is best, this is a great option.  The tilt screen was useful for capturing these shadows on the forest floor.


Leaf in melting snow - Eau Claire Gorge

There is still some melting ice along the sides of the Eau Claire gorge.  This leaf and pine needles will eventually end up in the water.  The tilt screen helped me reach way out and point the camera down at the leaf since I couldn’t step on the ice.

Partridge - Eau Claire

This partridge was pretty brave (or stubborn) and my bumper creeped to within a few feet before it decided the road wasn’t the best place at the moment.  It eventually moved off the road and then gave me an irritated glance over its wing.

Farm Field - Eau Claire

This farm field is ready for whatever the farmer has in store for it this year.  The G11 came in handy as there wasn’t a shoulder to the dirt road and I had to just stop in my lane and take a quick picture out the side window.