Sleigh Horse

Sleigh Horse


A sleigh ride was the best way to end the day after choosing and cutting a Christmas tree at an area tree farm.  This is from Christmas of 2008.  It was a great day but there was already a lot of snow and it was very early December!  This fellow and his friend pulled us around the field and eventually dropped us off to enjoy hot chocolate by a fire.


Viewing Scope – Quebec


This is a viewing scope on the boardwalk behind Le Chateau Frontenac in Old Quebec.  Although it looks like it might be an HDR image, it’s actually just a long exposure.  The lights from the boardwalk nicely brightened up the scope and railing while the moon and lights across the Saint Lawrence River add some twinkle to the background.  I like the moon’s reflection in the water and blocks of ice floating by.

Early morning glacier – Iceland

Early morning glacier - Iceland

On a recent trip to Iceland with my friend Pat, we drove to this glacier in the dark to be there when the sun came up.  I started taking pictures when it was still relatively dark and this is one of the images I brought home.  I liked the blue of the glacier against the slight pink of the morning sky.



With the temperature in North Bay climbing and dropping recently, icicles have been forming everywhere.  This week seems to have the most stable weather we’ve had in a while.  This is a quick shot of icicles on a chair taken shortly after Christmas this year.  Although it was already pretty monochromatic, I pictured it in black and white when I took it so I converted it to add effect.