The Sands Motel – North Bay – Ontario

The Sands Motel - North Bay - Ontario

In keeping with the film theme from yesterday, this is an image from the very first roll I put through my new Holga.  I used Ilford XP2 Super to test since it’s a 400 ISO film and can be developed by any colour processing lab.  It’s also less expensive than many other rolls and this was a very first test of the camera.  Overall, the image exposures were fine although there were very thin, vertical white lines through each shot.  This image actually has the least obvious lines but you can see one of them beginning in the top right corner.  The lines are very obvious in some of the other frames, evenly spaced and run across the entire frame.  They don’t look like any Holga light leaks I’ve ever seen so I’m wondering if it occurred at the lab.  The lines are on the negatives which means it isn’t a scanning problem.  I did put through a colour roll recently and it is being processed now.  No modifications were made to the camera to prevent any light leaks in between rolls so if the colour roll comes back without the lines, I’ll just assume something happened to the first roll.

I’ve been meaning to take a photograph of the Sands Motel sign for a while since I like its retro look but haven’t taken the time to do it with the digital camera yet.


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