Ice – Lake Nipissing – North Bay

Ice - Lake Nipissing - North Bay

This is an image of ice on Lake Nipissing from the very first roll of film I put through my Fuji GX617 medium format camera.  A few weeks ago, I put a roll of Velvia 100 in it and brought it out onto Lake Nipissing for a test run.  One roll of 120 film only takes 4 panorama shots with this camera.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but they all turned out fine.  I just picked up the processed film last night and quickly scanned it.  My scanner is new as well so I haven’t had a chance to play with the settings or find out the optimal scanning height for film.  I’m pleased with the way the first, rough scan turned out.  The only thing I did was apply a contrast and levels adjustment and a small amount of dust spot removal.  Velvia took care of the colour.

What I liked about this scene was the ‘S’ curve of the crack in the ice and the great sunset colour.  Tilting this huge camera on its side to capture a vertical image was an interesting task.  The Chief Commanda I is in the background.


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