Fountain – North Bay

Fountain - North Bay

This is a photo of the fountain on Algonquin in North Bay.  I wanted just the edge of the fountain where the water is dripping to be in focus.  This shot taken with a Lensbaby throws everything else out of focus.  In the background is Demarco’s Confectionary, a North Bay icon.


3 Comments on “Fountain – North Bay

  1. Lollies?

    Do they sell Lollies?!? Why did I not get there?!?

    With regards to the photo – Love the lensbaby!!!

    • They just might sell lollies. You’ll have to check for yourself the next time you come to North Bay and get the full tour.

  2. You mean I didn’t get the full tour?!?

    I want my money back!!!!

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